53 Sexual Assault Victims Who Achieved Fame

At Wednesday night’s debate, Donald Trump was asked about the women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault. He deftly replied that these women are in it for the “fame,” and America breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, a voice in America is willing to speak out against all those A-listers who rode their assaults all the way to the top!

Like, for instance, the following.

“Woman” (Derrick Rose)

A couple hours before Trump set the record straight about these fame-hungry “assault survivors,” this woman was rising to the top, with the jury finding that claims of sexual assault were “not credible.” Man, can you say easy street? After she was allegedly raped by Rose and two of his friends, all this woman had to do was try to rationalize and explain it away to a friend (because, like, wouldn’t life be a lot easier if you could just believe you were into that thing rather than deal with the life-shattering ramifications of assault), decide that it was affecting her life too much and come forward, endure hours-long depositions, and have the jury rule against her just to get a mention in the press as “the woman.” That’s some star chasing, for sure.

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