Hi, I'm Mary Kate. 

I'm a writer, comedian, and content creator living in Chicago, IL. I deliver inspired content and targeted solutions for publications and companies looking to grow their audiences through knockout writing.

I've been published by The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Bustle, Elite Daily, Sapling.com, and more. Some of the topics I write about? Entertainment, pop culture, personal finance, and career development.

I've worked as a content creator for brands like Beverly Hills MD, One Two Cosmetics, Princeton Pharmaceuticals, The Pretty Pimple by Dr. Pimple Popper, and more. I specialize in beauty, but I'm always looking to branch out and grow with clients in new markets.

You can see for yourself on my Editorial, Content Marketing, and Comedy pages.

Drop me a line. I'm always excited to hear from new brands and publications. 

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