Content Marketing

Who You Are

You’re a content marketing manager or editor looking for writers who specialize in personal finance, investing, real estate, and weddings. You’re looking for well-reported stories packed full of wit. You want them turned in on time, and you want them to perform so well that your boss briefly considers throwing a parade in your honor.

What You Need

If you want your audience to like you, they need to be able to trust you. If you want your audience to grow, you need to give them something they didn't know. In content marketing, it's not just about the clicks. If you really want to convert, then you have to keep their attention. 

How I Do It

I've written pieces that achieve an average read time of five minutes. My SEO is baller because I understand that quality content is always going to perform better than posts that game the system, and quality content created with the tools that game the system perform best of all.

Who I've Done It With

Swell Investing,, George Street Photography, Lily + Lime Photography, The Pretty Pimple by Dr. Pimple Popper, Beverly Hills MD, and more. 

Let’s Look at the Pudding for Some Proof!

Personal Finance and Investing

Real Estate